Environmental Product Declaration


Our first published Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD discloses a product’s life cycle environmental impact and helps users to identify sustainable products. Both the underlying Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the EPD are based upon international standards. Furthermore, it contains quantified information that enables comparison between products from the same product category and declares its environmental footprint towards predetermined environmental factors; one being the product’s carbon footprint. Our company is certified by EPD-Norway.

Our first EPD relates to the product stage of the LCA. In addition to the product stage, the use stage and end-of-life stage will also be analyzed in the future.

Epd teaser

EPD Certification process

Asplan Viak, a leading Norwegian consultancy company specialized in a.o. environmental impact analysis and sustainability, guided us through this EPD certification process for the production phase, which included:

  • Production and transportation of raw materials to the manufacturing plant in Norway

  • The production of composite cylinders at our manufacturing plant

  • Transportation of finished composite cylinders from the manufacturing plant to the port of Oslo, Norway
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