Seychelles Petroleum Company

SEYPEC decided to introduce the composite LPG cylinders manufactured by our company in 2016, after an intensive selection process, to become a more innovative and cost-efficient company, especially due to the high costs of transport and maintenance of steel cylinders at the time.

Providing energy and innovation to an island nation

“We can share our experiences to say that our market has welcomed the launch of the Hexagon Ragasco composite cylinders, and that the advantages they have brought are seen especially in our environmental conditions – as there is no rusting. People have commented on the easier handling as it is lighter, and no one has major safety concerns. Most of the cost of maintenance is ours, and it is us who are seeing the direct operational cost benefit of using the composite cylinders as opposed to steel cylinders. Meanwhile the aesthetics of the composite cylinders are way better than the steel. Overall, we are very satisfied with Hexagon Ragasco’s products “.

Sarah Romain, CEO, SEYPEC

12,5 and 24,5

Liters capacity


Year of introduction



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