Pioneering composite technology for bottled liquid gas

We are the leading manufacturer of composite liquid gas cylinders worldwide with an industry-leading safety record, certifications in close to 100 countries and millions of cylinders sold worldwide.

Our company was established in 1996 and delivered its first composite liquid gas cylinders to the Norwegian company Statoil (now Equinor) in 2000.
Since then, we have grown steadily and now supply cylinders to leading international LPG retail distributors and some of the largest state-owned oil and gas companies around the world.
Since their introduction in 2000, our cylinders have been offering enormous advantages to all concerned in the value chain: from gas companies to private and state-owned gas distributors on all continents and most importantly, to users.
Our high-volume highly automated production facility in Norway, is the most advanced of its kind worldwide.
As of June 3rd, 2024, Hexagon Ragasco is part of Worthington Enterprises.


years of experience

22 +

million cylinders sold worldwide



Our mission

To transform the use of liquid gas into an easier and safer experience for everyone.

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Our technology

We have developed a unique technology to produce seamless composite cylinders. The entire process is done in-house and is fully automated.

Worthington Enterprises

Empowering people to live safer, healthier and more expressive lives. As of June 3rd, 2024, Hexagon Ragasco is part of Worthington Enterprises, a global leader in cylinders for liquid gas and refrigerant gases through its Building Products business segment.