Megal S.A.

Since the launch of the “Megalight” cylinders in Uruguay, Megal has increased market share from 9% to approximately 15% in 2021. As the only composite cylinder distributor in the country, Megal has attracted new users and created a strong base of returning customers looking for a more convenient product; Every composite cylinder that has entered a home has turned that household into a returning customer.

The market challenger in Uruguay

The introduction of composite cylinders created a turning point for our company. Not only have they helped us gain a significant part of the market, but they have also allowed us to bring a completely new product and develop a new clientele. With sustained growth in our operating income and a visible reduction in logistics costs, we are optimistic for future growth as the cylinders are becoming more popular among Uruguayan LPG users.

Julio Vieira, Executive Director, Megal S.A.


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