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LPG, short for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, provides versatile, portable and cleaner energy, readily available worldwide

LPG describes two Natural Gas liquids: propane and butane, or a mix of the two. LPG is primarily obtained from natural gas and oil production, but it is also produced increasingly from renewable sources.

Across the world, hundreds of millions of people use LPG and depend on it for thousands of applications, in commercial businesses, industry, transportation, farming, power generation, cooking, heating and for recreational purposes.
Bottled LPG is the cleanest and one of the few cost-effective off-grid energy solutions immediately available.

3 Billion

LPG users worldwide

1000 +


Transitioning towards Bio-LPG

Bio sourced LPG, or Bio-LPG, produced from renewable sources including biological oil and fats and the fermentation of glucose, is becoming more available, and with an even lower carbon footprint than conventional LPG, it has the potential to lead the transition of our industry.
Our cylinders are fully-compatible for use with Bio-LPG and they are already commercialized with this type of gas in some European countries.

Clean cooking: better access to cleaner sources of energy

3 billion people worldwide rely on highly pollutant and toxic sources of energy, such as wood, charcoal, coal, kerosene and animal waste for cooking and heating, causing untold damage to both their surrounding environment and their health. Most of them come from developing countries where clean energy sources are not available.
LPG is increasingly part of the solution as a clean burning fuel which is easily transportable and available worldwide. It has a reduced carbon footprint and provides smoke-free indoor cooking.
Using LPG produces less CO2 than coal, heating oil or petrol, emits virtually no black carbon or other particulates.

Some of the most common LPG applications




Forklift trucks


Lawn mowing


Recreational vehicles

LPG plays a pivotal role in the energy transition

LPG can effectively displace wood, charcoal and kerosene, to lower pollutant levels in many areas of the world

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