Hexagon Group launches new logo and profile

Feb 15, 2021

Hexagon Composites (HEX.OL) has today launched its new corporate identity for the Hexagon Group. The transformation of Hexagon’s identity follows a year when sustainability has risen to the top of the global agenda and companies around the world are focused on decarbonizing their operations.

Hexagon and its businesses are leaders in the fast-developing clean fuel solutions category. Hexagon is a trusted supplier of low and high-pressure cylinders and systems to leading automotive, gas, and logistics companies, offering a full spectrum of solutions (G-mobility and E-mobility), for (renewable) natural gas, hydrogen, battery electric and LPG.

“Our group’s vision of ‘clean air everywhere’ has never been more relevant than it is today. The new Hexagon identity unites our diverse group – with two listed companies – covering a complete range of clean fuel solutions under one strong brand,” says CEO, Jon Erik Engeset.

Hexagon’s efforts to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy has led to three significant structural changes to the Group. In 2020, Hexagon Purus was successfully launched as an independently traded zero-emission company; Agility and Mobile Pipeline were combined to become Hexagon Agility with a strong focus on renewable (natural) gas; and Digital Wave was introduced as a new business area that will digitize, connect and enable smart systems.

Hexagon is making a significant and continuous investment in strategic research and development. “Innovative projects are taking technology and standards to new, advanced levels in collaboration with our customers,” continued Engeset.

“In Hexagon, we believe that clean air is a right, not a privilege. We believe that technology is no longer a barrier to green transportation. We believe that progress can´t wait! And we are not alone – we see a strong momentum for green energy and clean transportation across the world – the market for clean fuel solutions will grow dramatically through the course of this decade. This is a great opportunity for us to make a difference. This commitment inspired our new brand strategy,” says Karen Romer, SVP Communications, Hexagon.

The new logo and profile will be applied across the Group from 15 February 2021.